benefits of bankruptcy tampa fl

Helping Debtors Obtain Financial Freedom

Are you struggling to pay your bills or losing sleep over your debt issues? If so, you should retain the services of a qualified bankruptcy attorney as soon as possible.  When you discuss your financial situation with us in a free case evaluation, we can help you understand how bankruptcy could benefit you and whether this debt relief solution is in your best interests.

Understanding How Bankruptcy Can Work in Your Favor

Too often, bankruptcy is portrayed in a negative light. However, despite the fact that filing for bankruptcy does have a few disadvantages, it also comes with numerous benefits that can heavily outweigh the negatives. While it is true that bankruptcy is not ideal for each individual, for many debtors, bankruptcy is the most reasonable and logical path to take to financial freedom.

Before you choose to file for bankruptcy, we will inform you of how it will affect your current debt-to-income ratio, your debt-load, and your financial stability. After we thoroughly explain the benefits of bankruptcy, you may find that this debt relief option will offer you the fresh financial start that you desire.

Some of the benefits to be gained from bankruptcy include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The complete or partial discharge of debt
  • Relief from creditor harassment
  • Protection from lawsuits, foreclosures, wage garnishment, and repossession
  • A fresh financial start

Want to know why bankruptcy filers are protected from harassment and damaging legal actions by creditors? The answer is that a bankruptcy filing initiates an “automatic stay,” or an injunction that places creditor’s collection efforts on hold during the bankruptcy period. In most cases, the debtor is able to get his or her problem debt successfully discharged or paid off by the time the stay is lifted.

How can a Tampa bankruptcy lawyer help you?

With Dion R. Hancock’s extensive experience, you can rest assured that our law firm is the right choice for your bankruptcy legal counsel.  We have helped numerous individuals and families through the process of bankruptcy, and are fully equipped and qualified to help you too. In the past few years, the number of individuals filing for bankruptcy has sky-rocketed, due to the recent economic downturn and the rise in unemployment. If you are in serious financial trouble, bankruptcy may offer you the valuable protection and fresh start that you need.